Access your salary !

With Sanad cash services you can use your salary without the need to wait for the end of the month!

Sanad Cash Financial Wellness Platform provides you with instant & safe access to your earned but not paid salary. Without the need to wait for your monthly salary at the end of each month.

* Your employer needs to offer the Sanadcash services

طلب سلفة من تطبيق سند الكاش

All You Need to Do

Download Sanad Cash Application and submit an advance request in order to cover any emergency daily expenses and perform all the purchasing operations that you need at any time and from anywhere.

How to Use It

طلب سلفة من تطبيق سند الكاش

Download Sanad cash Application

After your company contract with us download Sanad cash app and create your own profile

طلب سلفة من تطبيق سند الكاش

Request an Advance

Through the application submit your request to access apart of your salary to meet your urgent needs

طلب سلفة من تطبيق سند الكاش

Activate your Card

When your advance request is approved, activate Sanad cash card to be able to make purchases

Benefits of Sanad Cash For Employees

Sharia Compliant

Fast & secure access to employees earned income

Get your mobile app. and start the journey within minutes of receiving the prepaid card

Shop & Pay for all products & services Anytime, Anywhere

Fully transparent, no hidden fees, no late payment fees

Fixed monthly murabaha percentage on purchases

Avoid high debt, by securing emergency daily needs

Flexible payback solutions, as direct deduction from salary