Our Features in Sanad Cash

Secure Financial Techniques

Sharia Compliant Services

Free Subscription

Smart Card Purchases

Sanad Cash is changing the lives of
Jordanian workers.

Cover your emergency daily expenses immediately, avoid all the traditional and exhausted experiences, and keep yourself away from any situation that may causes embarrassment.

Sanad Cash Is a Fintech Platform

Empowered by latest financial technology solutions, machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence tools.

It’s all about enabling employers to include their employees within Sanad Cash platform, to take advantage of the available services and financial solutions.

Sanad Cash is Everywhere

Call Centers

Social Impact, are not just words,
it’s our legal mission and business model.

What Is It for you ?

Showing your care about the financial well-being of your employees and helping them to reach an acceptable level of financial stability in their daily life will have a positive effect on your work environment.