Manage your corporate expenses from anywhere in a secure, simple and effective way.

Sanad Cash is a unique expense management platform for companies where you can control your expenses in a quick and easy way that would save you money, effort and time.


A smart solution for all businesses.

Spend management and on demand payment built for SMEs, Corporates, and Startups.

Full Control

Enjoy our easy hassle-free and secure way to control your expenses.

Quick Funding

Empower your employees by Sanad Cash prepaid card and fund it automatically with just one click.

Full authority

Set a spending limit, periodically or instantly, for your expenses at a competitive exchange rate for main currencies.


Get a real-time detailed overview for all of your transactions and easily link the transactions to your company’s accounting systems.

Sanad Cash enables every business to issue corporates cards.

Issue prepaid cards for your employees to gain full control over their spending, usage, with built-in spend controls that fund expenses in real-time.


Issue digital and physical cards

Save time

Faster expense reconciliation and books closing


100% spend visibility


Set card limits and rules for higher compliance

how to make the best use of sanad cash!

  • Your employees will be added to Sanad cash platform, to issue a prepaid card for them.
  • Instant notifications will be sent for all Employee purchases through sanad cash card, and when expense reports are completed they can be sent to the concerned manager for approval.
  • The admin can track and analyze all transactions and get reports and view online receipts that are attached by the employee.
  • Link sanad cash platform with the corporate accounting system and keep everything trackable.

Main Features of Sanad Cash Platform.

The platform offers targeted corporates with cloud application solutions that will help in enrolling their employees on the platform, manage their expense and streamline approvals that conform with prevailing corporate policies.

  • Easy online registration.
  • Full authority to set card limits for each card with the ability to instantly freeze, deactivate, or cancel any card.
  • Ability to add notes and follow up on receipt status.
  • Save your time, money and effort by linking uploaded receipts to your existing accounting systems

What is Sanad Cash card?

It is a prepaid (Virtual or Physical) card for corporates that would allow them to pre-fund the cards and issue them on the planform where the approving manager can set the limit for each card and each employee.

The platform allows full control over the type of currency being used and the overall transactions on the card (Local, international, website, Point-of-Sale, etc…) in order to digitize these expenses, eliminate dependency on Cash and embrace digital payment methods.

Get Sanad Cash app now!

Download Sanad Cash app now and enjoy tracking and reporting your expenses.

sanad cash subscription Plans.

Simple pricing that is suitable for all businesses, Choose your plan and start now!


Minimum 3 users
$ 7 per user, per Month
When billed annually
  • Includes everything in free plus:
  • virtual cards: Max 5 per user
  • Expense tracking Unlimited
  • Accounting sync
  • Intelligent Scan (auto receipt data extraction)


Minimum 5 users
$ 12 per user, per month
When billed annually
  • Includes everything in basic plus:
  • virtual cards: Unlimited
  • Employee Wallet support (Cash in Advance)
  • Multiple subsidiaries/branches
  • Project-based expense tracking
  • workflow approval: Basic
  • Employee Wallet support ( Cash in Advance)
  • Intelligent Scan (auto receipt data extraction)


Minimum 10 Users ​
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  • Includes everything in Standard plus:
  • Workflow approval: Advance work flow (multi steps)
  • Customized company policies and spending rules
  • Dedicated account manager and custom onboarding
  • Travel management (coming soon)
  • Bill payment (coming soon)

* Enterprise customers whose looking for dedicated hosting services, dedicated database, Enterprise APIs level access, enterprise-grade SAML & SSO, your own Co-branded portal, and link please contact us directly

Commonly Asked Questions:

Here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand more.

Sanad Cash issues corporates cards that are paired with seamless spend management tools that help you free up time & get better control of your company’s expenses.

Absolutely, as admin, you will have an option to activate / deactivate a specific card, modify limits, all with a click of a button.

Any business that spends money needs a spend management system. Picking a platform like Sanad Cash that consolidates your corporate card, bill payments, and expense reimbursement systems early in the life cycle of your company will only make things a lot easier as you grow. Sanad Cash supports companies and help them to saved a huge amount of effort in replacing tools later on.

Nothing at all you can issue as many cards as you want virtual or physical and assign them to your employees

let us help you spend wisely... and scale successfully!

Come onboard! and start using Sanad Cash to manage and control your expenses for your entire business from one place.

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